EC&I 831

Well a new semester us upon me which means time to learn!

Last semester’s class was great for the fact that I learned some great Web 2.0 tools that I was able to take into my classroom and use with my students! Anytime I can walk away and have something that fits seamlessly my class is a huge plus!

This semester I am looking forward to connecting with people from all over the world to see how they have created their personal learning networks, how they use them and how to assist my students with creating their PLN’s. I am excited to experiment with my students using technology that they may think is off-limits at school.

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One Response to EC&I 831

  1. Good to have you in my class once again! Hopefully, this semester will add to your prior learning on this topic and you’ll be able to really push yourself to continue to improve your practice.

    Looking forward to interacting with you this semester!

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