I admit it…I am a dreamer. I dream about everything under the sun.

As I sat here watching my four year old navigate an iPad better than her father I began to think about what her reality will be in 5-10 years. Her life has always involved technology in the computer/cell phone way…she has never known life without these things. The world has essentially been at her fingertips since she was born.

I know what goes on in schools. I know that there are teachers who are not afraid to take risks and I know there are teachers who would rather be run over with the computer cart than use it in their classroom. I hope that my daughter has the risk taker for a teacher because she is growing up in a time that moves quickly and she needs to be prepared!

I also dream about the ways that I can be that risk taker. I think sometimes I find myself settling in to what is comfortable and I don’t like that! I need to branch out and be bold! I have been speaking to my kids about their wants and needs around technology in the classroom and they love it and want it! They are excited to try new things and are willing to be my guinea pigs! As the semester goes on, I will share with you my successes and probably a few failures and missteps!

The first thing I want to try with my class is Twitter! I found an interesting presentation with some ideas to try. I think this will be a great start.

How To Use Twitter in the Classroom

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2 Responses to Possibilities…

  1. Blognasium says:

    So I was wondering what i would do as a parent if my kid did not get the risk taker for a teacher? I do not know if I would be ok with the teacher “just not being into technology”. Should we be ok with teachers choosing not to incorporate technology?

    • lmorhart says:

      Hey Brian,

      I don’t think we should be ok with it, but at the same time I see teachers that HATE technology and there is no convincing them otherwise. I would truly feel that my child would lose out if she were in a classroom that didn’t offer her the chance to try new things and experiment with technology.

      I guess my thought is…how do you try and convince someone that it is not a bad thing…or that just because you had one bad experience trying to get the computers turned on that it may not be the same the second or third time around?

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