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Yesterday I set up a class blog for my grade 8’s. I have been asking around and found that KidBlog seemed to be a great place to start.

I honestly cannot believe how easy it was and how user-friendly it seems to be! Within five minutes (no lie) I had my blog and every one of my 29 students set up with their blog! I put it up on the SMART board and showed them their login information and what I had access to (they were a little disappointed in this).

We began a conversation of what kinds of things could or should go on the blogs and what commenting on other blogs may look like. We will continue this conversation today and possibly look at some other class blogs to see what people out there are doing. I also want to talk to them about the ability to open up our classroom walls and see what the rest of the world is doing…that blogging opens up a whole new world to us. People all around the world can read and comment on your blog, not just your parents and teachers.

I have decided to include this in my final project…there is something else I want to try with my class but I am just seeking out permissions first.

What is my goal with having the kids blogging???

  1. I want the kids to write! I want them to see that writing doesn’t always have to be in a story format. Blogging is a perfect tool to get kids writing for educational purposes but at the same time it still feels fun.
  2. I want the kids to see what other people are doing and saying. They need to connect to the other kids in their class and kids around the province, country or world.
  3. I want my students to connect the pieces of their learning. I want them to think deeply about what they have learned or have done in class and connect it to what they know. I want them to further their learning by having conversations about what they have learned or done with people who are not in their immediate circle.

I believe that blogging is a start to achieving these goals.

You can find the link to our class blog on the grade eight page…but for today you can find it here. Please check in and see what we are up to and connect with the kids.

If you have already started using a class blog what have your experiences been? Positives and negatives please! I want to hear your experiences with your students blogging. What has been successful and what are some of the limitations you have experienced?


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11 Responses to Kids Blogging

  1. Melissa says:

    Hello Kristina! I am using kidblog with my grade 1 and 2 students! Most of the time it has been great- has worked perfect when they are writing on their blog. I don’t know if you are planning on uploading photo’s to the blog- I have had a few glitches with that, but if you do, just keep going back and trying and eventually it will let your pictures load! Good luck!!

  2. sjphipps says:

    hey Lindsay,

    I am doing the exact same thing except I have only opened it up to parents of my students so far. Maybe I should rethink it and add your students so they can comment and us vice versa? What do you think?

  3. Honni L says:

    What a great project. There are times that I think it would be great to be able to do projects like this. However, then I think of everything else that goes hand in hand with older students and I decide that I love my five year olds. They might not be able to do in-depth projects like a blog but they are so willing to learn and love absolutely everything we do in class. I can’t wait to share this with my husband (who teachers Grade 7). This is something that he would be able to do and would enjoy showing his students a project like this.

  4. kreuj says:

    I loved reading and responding to some of the kids’ posts tonite. Great job!

  5. Chelsi says:

    What a great way to get kids engaged in writing for a purpose and an audience! I loved looking at the blog posts!
    Thanks for recommending that site. I have been looking for a user-friendly site that I can set up for my class to use to blog. I have a classroom blog that they all comment on, but I was wanting to get them set up in their own blogs in the coming months.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lara says:

    Found this post on Alec Couros’ Google reader for ECI831-FALL2011. (!ECI831-Fall2011)

    I am about to start blogging with some grade 5 students this afternoon and wanted some other student blogs for them to look at. We’ll be using yours! I’ll try to remember to let you know how it all goes – I’m looking forward to it! Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be ready for commenting just yet…

  7. mickpanko says:

    Lindsay – I commented on a few of your student blogs too – they were quite good! I have never used blogs with students in class – but have used one as an information point for students and parents in a student driven PE class that I updated with assignments, links, resources, etc. It worked well for that but I am interested to see how this works for you and your class!

    • lmorhart says:

      Thanks for taking the time to do that…it opened up a great discussion about the ability to reach a wider audience…they were very excited. Right now they are very excited to blog so I am riding the momentum.

  8. lorenaleibel says:

    Lindsay – I just started blogging with my students as well! One thing that I have done to encourage “critical and creative thinking” is ask my students to comment on their classmates blogs in a constructive manner. I have found an amazing response to this! Students who usually sit at the back of my class and say very little are opening up and expressing themselves in ways I never thought possible!

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