Twitter in the Classroom

Ok I am on a roll today!

The class blog is up and running and the kids LOVE it! I have been getting emails tonight asking to approve blog post for publishing! I love that they are at home working on this. Some of the entries tonight have blown me away which makes me excited to use this blog! I even had one student create a blog post last night about what she is learning in all of her subjects and a student add to her list through the comments!

Now on to my reason for this post…does anyone use twitter in the classroom? I emailed my superintendent today about what parental permission I would need if any and she posed the following questions to me:

Can you give me more information regarding protection of privacy, can this be handled intranet wise so it is not in the cloud or……?

To these questions I do not have an answer just yet…we do not currently have a policy around this in our school division so I was wondering if you could share what is happening in your school divisions. Do you know teachers that are using twitter in their classroom? Are you using it? What has been put in place regarding privacy etc?

Here is an interesting article I found on Sean’s blog tonight – Speaking up In Class, Silently Using Social Media from the New York Times. I noticed it talked about Google Moderator when concerned about privacy issues. I am going to look into that as well. If anyone has any experience with Google Moderator I would love to hear about it!

Thanks for the feedback.

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5 Responses to Twitter in the Classroom

  1. courosa says:

    I haven’t seen many good examples of using Twitter in the classroom, especially with younger grades. I really do think the best part of Twitter for teachers is for their own learning – to become better, more connected, and more knowledgeable for their students.

    If you want to try something like Twitter in the classroom, I’d recommend Edmodo. I know many teachers who like it.

  2. lbechard says:

    I’m working on a wiki for twitter in the classroom and have found that in addition to Edmodo (, there are a few other tools less public than twitter. Twiducate ( and TodaysMeet ( are two other names that came up in my research, although I have used neither myself.

  3. lorenaleibel says:

    I am “experimenting” with Twitter in the classroom. I teach a grade 12 Exercise Science class. I have asked my students to sign up for twitter, I have shown them via a Jing presentation how to utilize Tweetdeck but most importantly I have provided them instruction on using a specific hashtag so that I can not only encourage them to use twitter for educational purposes but I can also track that they are “trying” it. I am encouraging the students to use twitter as an additional resource support. I am hoping to help my students use twitter as an educational tool not just to stay on top of celebrity gossip. My students are at the point in their lives where twitter can assist them in terms of connecting to future career networks, it may be more difficult to use twitter with younger students.

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