Adaptive Leadership…interesting

Here is an interesting blog post around leadership:

Adaptive Leadership: Embracing Technology as a Crucial Part of the Equation of More Kids Learning by Jerry Jennings

After I read this post, I made a list of things that I want to talk about.

We need to create systems that move our students to learn effectively. We have 21st century learners that need to be engaged with 21st century methods.

New technologies and ideas require us as technology leaders to reformulate what we are doing in our classrooms. We need to learn what to do and mobilize these strategies.

An important piece to look at as leaders in our schools is decision-making. What is important and useful to helping meet student outcomes? What technologies do not work and help us move our students?

Teacher leaders need to experiment. In order to initiate change, teacher leaders should understand the technologies they want other teachers to use. They need to use it and be the ‘expert’. I feel this is a piece where schools and school divisions suffer. New technologies are brought in and thrown into schools with little or no in-servicing. The reaction is one of frustration and fear among teachers. A better method would be for teacher leaders to work with the new technology and then work with the teachers on their staff.

Learning can be painful. One person being an ‘expert’ can cause another person to feel as if they do not know anything. technology leaders need to recognize when people are struggling and feeling inadequate while trying to figure out how to ease those feelings of inadequacy.

Adaptations take time. Any new initiative requires time for people to adjust and reform their ways of thinking and doing. We cannot expect a change in habits and methods overnight.

What stands out to you in Jennings’ blog? Do you see the parallels he drew? Do you agree or disagree with his points?

Jennings post was based on the book The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World

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