To do list…

Where do I start…I am so behind I feel like I am back at the beginning.

Last week found us driving to Edmonton for pre-op for my husband. We got back on the weekend to unpack, do laundry and repack for another trip to Edmonton. Here I am again! My husband had surgery today to remove a mass on a lymphnode and the surrounding pelvic lymphnodes. It is quite a procedure which is why he had to have it done out of province. No-one in Saskatchewan does this procedure! He came through with flying colours…he is in a lot of pain but I am sure each day will get better! He will be in the hospital until at least Sunday and then hopefully we can make our way home!

My plan for this week is to get caught up! I am staying in a condo so as soon as the munchkin hits the hay each night I can start reading blogs, watch this week’s class and get adding to my blog!

My class is still blogging in my absence! We have connected with Mme Phipps class and are reading each other’s blogs! The kids love it! Check out my grade 8 class page to check in on my class and what is happening there!

It has been an extremely long day…signing off until tomorrow when I can tackle that to-do list!

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6 Responses to To do list…

  1. kreuj says:

    Wow, your family is going through quite a time. As a nurse, I’m thinking about that trip home…that your husband has adequate pain (and possibly nausea) relief if you are driving because he is likely not comfortable sitting for any length of time? Some pain meds are nauseating, so I’d encourage you to have a chat with the charge nurse or an experienced bedside nurse to proactively problem-solve to make this trip as manageable for your husband as it can be. Have you thought much about the journey home? Will he be able to stretch out on a back seat? I’d forego the seat belt if laying flat is better than simply reclining upright in a seat. What non-pharmaceutical measures are helping deal with pain and possibly nausea? You’ll want those at your fingertips too. Just some thoughts.
    I’m lifting up a prayer for your husband and family right now! Keep us posted and feel free to vent here in your blog. Journalling is a really good way to process emotion, if you need to do something more than cry in the shower/bathtub.

  2. Sarah says:

    I am so grateful to this class for helping me on my technological during. My major project is getting my kids blogging about their learning and I am thrilled that they are do happy to do it! Thanks to Lindsay for joining with us on our journey! I have thinking and praying for you. Glad your husband is doing well. I have been in and out of hospital myself the past month and know how it feels to be behind!

  3. mickpanko says:

    Thought and prayers to you and yours Lindsay…

  4. gcyrenne says:

    Hey Lindsay, try not to stess too much about things. You know that everything eventually falls together. You and Brian are in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to getting together when you get home.

  5. Hi Lindsay, I am taking the eci831 class as well and doing my best to read through the blogs that our classmates are working on. Just wanted to wish you and your family well. All the best to your husband as he recovers and to you and your family!!

  6. Thoughts and prayers are with you and Brian Linds. We miss you! Take care, stay safe and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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