50 ways feels like 50, 000 ways!

Wordle: Digital Story Telling

After last week’s ECI831 session with Allan Levine I was overwhelmed. I mean, I felt overwhelmed all semester with everything that is going on in our lives. Normally, I would be all over testing out as many of the tools we learned about but I just don’t have the time!!! I am the main provider/cleaner/parent/cook in our family right now! Needless to say I am exhausted! But at the same time it is killing me not to play with all of these tools and have fun with them!

Allan Levine, or Cog Dog Blog, as he is also known gave a great presentation. He is so interesting to listen to! His ideas are awesome and he is so creative. His presentation on 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story was full of ideas and tools everyone in the class will use at some point!

In my class last semester we took a lot of time looking at Web 2.0 tools. We also had the chance to work in small groups to create something using various Web 2.0 tools. We used Xtranormal and Voicethread. You can find our projects and my opinions on the tools themselves right here on this blog! Our Voicethread project is here and our Xtranormal project is here.

Back to the class…I really appreciated this class for the fact that there were a lot of things that I can take back to my class and use! I had mentioned that we were going to be using Windows Photo Story for a final project in Social Studies. That plan has fallen through because the program has not be installed on all of our laptops. They were installed on the top row of laptops in the cart! The problem with this is that kids NEVER put the laptops back where they are supposed to go. I don’t have time to root through all the laptops to see which ones have the program installed…therefore we are switching to Voicethread for their summary of learning. Just have to roll with the punches I guess!

Has anyone else tried any of these 50+ ways with your students?

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6 Responses to 50 ways feels like 50, 000 ways!

  1. Stickers – red stickers on the laptops that have Windows Movie Maker. There you go. 🙂

  2. mickpanko says:

    Like so many things in this class the “50 ways…” was like eating an elephant to me – one bite at a time…the beauty of the digital resource is the chance to revisit when I/we have more time. It is cool that many of you are using the tools immediately in class – I am a bit jealous :-s

    Thanks again for sharing and keep fighting the good fight!

  3. sjphipps says:

    I am trying to keep everything in my head so when my intern is done teaching I can tackle the tools. What are your students summarizing in Social- maybe we can view them as preamble to one of our units? Another way to share?

  4. tmemann says:

    Time to play is important, even for teachers! I find if I try to use a different tool for different little things I want to share or show then I am able to explore a variety of new tools and then come back to the ones I really love.

    • alison says:

      Good idea. I guess I sort of do the same thing. In the public service we tend to be relegated to a certain set of ‘approved’ tools so I’ve been trying to pick and choose things that would be more than likely ‘okay’ in that context. And with the prezi… I just always wanted to try it but hadn’t spent the time on it. Bye-bye PowerPoint!

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