Oh Me, Oh My…Where Has the Time Gone?

Holy smokes…I knew I was missing something last night…I sat down and was thinking and thinking and thinking…nothing…then this morning I was creeping reading other class blogs and I realized WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I BLOGGED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Work has been hectic…meetings, presentations, more meetings, interviews, report cards etc. Home has been just as hectic…I am happy to say though that Brian is on the mend. He is getting more mobile everyday. We have an appointment with his oncologist on Thursday to get the results! Fingers crossed that this will be the end of the journey for us!

I enjoyed the presentations last week! You all did such a good job! I was very impressed! I loved how everyone took something just a little different from the class. I am really looking forward to seeing what we will this week. Hard to believe that the semester is already over.

My kids are still blogging away! They love it…and are excited to do it. I share the grade 8 room with another teacher. He has been having them journal in one of his classes. He came into my office the other morning and has set up his own class blog because he said the work they were turning in on their blogs was 10 times better than what they were writing in their journals. I was really happy to hear that in a way. I see how engaged they are when they are working on their blogs…they see a sense of purpose because the whole world can hear their opinion or thoughts on something. Honestly, when they are blogging I only hear the clicking of the keys on the computer.








I sent in an expression of interest to be a part of the Digital Fluency Working Group with the Ministry of Education. Here is an excerpt taken from the request for applications:

The purpose of the working group is to contribute to the development of digital fluency competencies to support curriculum outcomes in all subject areas, K-12, with an initial focus on grades 4 through 9. These competencies will promote the development and strengthening of students’ and educators’ abilities to use existing and emergent digital technologies readily and strategically to learn, to work, and to play.

Working group members will provide information and insights regarding the following dimensions of digital fluency in teaching and learning:

  • Leadership in responsible, ethical, and legal uses of digital technologies
  • Managing productivity
  • Communication and collaboration (including video/audio/data and online environments)
  • Representation of knowledge through creation and production using digital technologies (aural, multimedia, text, and visual)
  • Strategic information and media consumption and generation (including online research and media literacy)
  • Innovative problem-finding and solution-seeking (including the use of authentic, student-generated data)

I think this would be a fantastic addition to the classes I have been taking. Next semester will find me taking my third class in a row involving technology, uses and applications and administration.

Anyone else out there put forward an expression of interest?

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2 Responses to Oh Me, Oh My…Where Has the Time Gone?

  1. gcyrenne says:

    Hey Lindsay, time has flown hasn’t it? That is great that your kids have been doing so well with their blogs. I haven’t been on them in a while. I will try to get in there to comment this week. See you on Tuesday.

  2. byrnesa says:

    Lindsay… I also applied for that committee… maybe we will get to work together again 🙂

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