Not the end…just the beginning

Here is my final reflection. I decided to use Xtranormal. It really is a fun program to use. This is the second time I have attempted to use this tool. In my last class I didn’t have much of a chance to play with Xtranormal due to the way we divided up the work. So, I was happy to give it another chance.

Hope you enjoy. I thought I would add a list of pros and cons for you about this tool.

Pros                                                                             Cons
– fun                                                                                  – the voices
– simple to use                                                                – the voices
– free (to a certain extent)                                            – bandwidth issues in schools
– I don’t have to listen to my voice                             – some words are not
for seven minutes                                                          pronounced correctly
– great for people who are afraid to speak
in front of groups

Overall, I enjoy this program. I used this in my grade five class last year to put their dialogue project into reality (rather than them acting it out).

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One Response to Not the end…just the beginning

  1. Honni L says:

    I too decided to use Xtranormal for my Summary of Learning and my list of Pros and Cons seems quite similar to yours. The voices are definitely driving me nuts right now because I have listened to mine so many times because I have been tweaking things. Another thing that was a little annoying (for me at least) was the amount of time that it took to preview the movie. I was able to get a lot accomplished during those breaks.

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