“C” you later!!!!

This week has been great! A lot of stress has been lifted off of my shoulders!

First, finished class and handed in my final project reflection.

For my final project I created student blogs! I have loved the results of this endeavour. My students are loving blogging. The quality of the work they are handing in is incredible. I will definitely be continuing on with this project!

See my Final Reflection for my thoughts and process.

If you are not interested in reading that, please check out our class blog here.

And now for the exciting news…My husband received a clean bill of health! He is CANCER FREE!!!!!!!! A huge weight lifted off our shoulders! So thankful that journey is over and we can begin a new one…hopefully with much less stress and anxiety.

Soooo C u later cancer and C u later peeps!


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3 Responses to “C” you later!!!!

  1. kreuj says:

    What a wonderful report Lindsay! Wow, the best Christmas present a person could ask for. All the best to you and your family. Was great learning with you.

  2. Honni L says:

    That is fantastic Lindsay! I am so happy for you and your family. I can only imagine how this will make your Christmas this year that much more special.

  3. So great to hear this news! That’s wonderful!

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