A while back Dean Shareski put a call out to his people looking for mentors for his University of Regina ECMP students. Of course I said I would love to help out. I was paired with Allison who happens to be starting her teaching career with my division in the fall. I had the pleasure of getting to know her over the course of the semester. She came into our class twice and showed the kids a lot of great stuff.

Tonight we sat down to talk. As part of this partnership, she had to interview me. She decided to use a hangout so she could record the interview. She asked some great questions and hopefully I gave some great answers. It is hard to think on the spot sometimes! Check out the interview.

I have asked Allison to hang out again on Thursday. I really think Google Hangouts are a great way for my kids to work together. I have really struggled in recent years when it comes to kids working together outside of school. I give them options and ideas but they would rather not hand something in completed than go to another student’s house. It is bizarre to me. So…hopefully when they see how a Hangout works, they will remember this future reference. It is a win-win situation: they work together to complete their work and they don’t have to go where they are not comfortable.

What do you do to get kids to work together on projects and assignments?

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