Richard Byrne Keynote

The learning has started! Today (well yesterday really) started with a keynote by Richard Byrne. (@rmbyrne).

Richard talked to us about creating responsible users of information. Teachers do you want to learn how to create better searchers and be a better searcher yourself? Check this out – Google Search Education. Here you will find a series of lessons to start you on your way.

As teachers, we need to encourage collaboration in meaningful ways. One idea he uses is instead of putting up “Today you will learn…” on the board, he wrote it to “Today we will explore…”. Sometimes a simple change of language is all it takes. He also discussed the fact that when students are working together and collaborating, we need to expect them to use more resources and go deeper.

Teachers need to encourage our students to take risks and demonstrate their knowledge in a way that works for them – as long as they get the information across.

Here is an example from Southwest Airlines. The  flight attendant  was tired of relaying the safety information in the same-old, boring way.

The information he needed to get across made it to the passengers, just not in the typical way. It is ok to let our students create and explore different ways to convey their learning.


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