Why I Lead #savmp

It is with great excitement that I have started the School Admin Virtual Mentorship Program (#savmp) which has been organized by George Couros. While I do not know George, I have known his brother Alec since 1998! I know of Alec’s passion for education, technology and connecting with people around the world and I have learned that George shares the same passion.

I have been matched with a mentor and two other individuals. This small group represents Canada, US and South Africa. It is going to be great! I am really looking forward to connecting with and learning from Derek, Nigel and Natasha.

September marks the beginning of my third year in administration as a Vice-Principal. From the beginning of my career (2002), I knew that I wanted to end up in administration. Actually, I knew this in grade eight. Paul Ellis was my Vice-Principal and taught Math and Science as well. He is the reason I became a teacher! I (as did everyone) respected him more than anybody. He was an amazing teacher and administrator. He is the person that I can credit with my love of learning and leading because he sparked an interest in these things within me that had not been there prior.

Truthfully, I love being a leader. I love helping people learn, understand and grow. I want people to feel successful and I want them to know that they are capable of accomplishing whatever it is they are striving for. I have felt this way for as long as I can remember. I also love learning. Whether it is in school or from other people, I am always striving to grow and expand my thinking and how I do things. Being in a leadership position has opened so many doors for me and allowed to me to work with some pretty amazing people.

I am a leader because I love people and I love helping them grow! 

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One Response to Why I Lead #savmp

  1. Rayleen says:

    I enjoyed your post Lindsay! I feel the same passion for helping others learn and reach their potential as you do.

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