Lurking #savmp

A couple of staff members have dubbed me “Lindsay Lurker”. When they told me the name they came up with, I could do nothing but laugh! I love the name because to me it means I am doing my job and getting out into the classes in my school. That was until I looked up the definition of lurker…I am not posting it here. It is nasty! So I chose to create my own definition…A lurker is someone who hangs around classrooms, participating, watching and checking out what is going on.

Lurking means I get to see all of the fantastic things going on at Sacred Heart. Although, when I am in classes, I am not just hanging out in the shadows watching what is happening. I love talking with the kids and finding out what they are learning.

There are so many great things going on at my school. The staff in my school all work so hard and go above and beyond on a daily basis. Many of the classes in my school run a guided math program that has gained a lot of attention. It started last year in one classroom and has grown to five classes this year. Teachers have been coming into our school all year to watch how the program is run. These teachers are also going to other schools to assist teachers in setting up their own guided math program. 

Another way our teachers are leaders within our school division is through the implementation of responsive classroom ideas. As a staff we have been implementing various strategies since the beginning of the school year. We all try to be on the same page when it comes to the language we use with students, how we deal with issues (whether they are students in our class or not), routines, interactive modeling and providing consequences when necessary. The change I have seen in our school culture is incredible. Our kids are so polite and thoughtful. They always ask how you are doing and always offer a smile!

I love lurking around my school and seeing all of the learning going on. Hanging out in the classrooms is the best part of my job. I get to share and learn with all of the kids and teachers in my school.

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