Delegating #savmp

Delegating – Something that I have to work hard on. I just do not like asking people to do things for me. I feel like a burden when I have someone do something for me. The other problem I have with delegating is that once I give a job to someone, I am SO guilty of assuming they are going to do it! It was great to see in Amber’s post that I should be checking in and following up with people. I guess I have always hesitated because I don’t want them to think I am micromanaging them. Delegating and checking in are two of my biggest professional goals. I am working hard in these two areas and I see improvement every year.

I must say  that I am much better than I was even a couple of years ago. When I think back to day one as an administrator and compare it to today, I have come a long way. As each day passes, I understand more and more how valuable time is. I am coming to the understanding that I need to balance my time and prioritize where it needs to go. I am also learning that I will never know what my staff is capable of if I do everything for them. I need to allow them to show their strengths and give them the opportunity to be a leader within our school.

The National Association of Elementary School Principals (2008) states that Effective leaders know they must draw on the varied knowledge and capacities of people within the entire school community…leaders of learning communities create systems that enable a wide range of people to come up with ideas and carry them out to fulfill the school’s vision.

One way in which I see this happening within my school is through the use of Responsive Classroom and Guided Math. The staff in my school have become experts in various topics of these areas. They have led the training at staff meetings and have assisted other teachers in our school and the division implement these programs. It is great to share these successes with our senior level administration and other in-school administrators.

Knowing that my staff is willing and capable of leading helps me grow as an administrator.  I am able to trust in their skills and abilities and allow them to grow as educators and leaders as well.

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2 Responses to Delegating #savmp

  1. Andrew Mead says:

    Struggle with this everyday. People are busy and I find it hard to add more to their day.

    • lmorhart says:

      Yah that is exactly how I feel. I do have to admit that at the end of this year I became much better at doing this. I had so much other stuff going on that I just told people that I needed their assistance or it was going to take a while to be completed. Some were ok with it and some were put out but what can I do!

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