Chromebooks in Gr. 3

G: Would you like Chromebooks in your classroom?

Me: Why yes, yes I would love Chromebooks in my classroom!

Fast forward a couple of months and 17 shiny Chromebooks have arrived in our grade three class. So they are here but what do I do with them?

The first hurdle I had to face was getting my kids their own log in. I didn’t want to have them log in and just use a virtual desktop similar to the other devices in the school. I wanted my students to be able to use Google Apps and share etc. Thankfully the tech guys in my division went with me on this one!

The next thing I realized is that I needed administrative access in order to really use these devices more effectively. So, back to the tech guys with my one millionth request of the year. I now had admin privileges so I was ready to go…or so I thought. I needed all of my students moved into a sub organization so that I could manage their accounts as opposed to the entire school. Again, so thankful for the tech guys.

Now that this is all set up – I still need to figure out what to do! Thankfully I have a network of amazing people all over North America to help me. I have already spent some time in a hangout with the amazing Dennis Grice. He gave me the admin tour and pointed out what I should do and should not do. Thanks Dennis!

George Couros provided me with a document he has been working on for his school division around Google Apps and Digital Portfolios. My plan is to take a look at this over the break and hopefully come up with a more concrete plan to use the Chromebooks. Whatever happens, it is going to be interesting. Stay tuned…



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